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It was the first night of “Journey into Manhood,” a 48-hour weekend retreat designed to help gay men become straight.In that room, about fifty men — some thirty “Journeyers” and fifteen staff members — sat on the carpeted floor of a ranch lodge two hours outside of Phoenix, Arizona.Hales in an interview with uk admitted it was life changing lesson for the opener.

You have eyes all over you and that brings responsibility on and off the field.

The guide sat behind me, his arms wrapped around my chest.

This hold was called “The Motorcycle.” Five men surrounded the two of us, their hands resting gently on my arms, legs and chest.

How could anyone ever tell you That you’re less than whole?

I sat on the floor between the outstretched legs of a camp guide, my head leaning back against his shoulder.

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At one point, the staff members all sang out in unison, their voices filling the high walls of the camp lodge.