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However, to date, a large sample with a long-term longitudinal design and a narrow age-span has been lacking for the assessment of test-retest reliability and reproducibility of brain-behavior correlations, as well as the development of novel causal insights into these correlational findings.Here we describe the SLIM dataset, which includes brain and behavioral data across a long-term retest-duration within three and a half years, m MRI scans provided a set of structural, diffusion and resting-state functional MRI images, along with rich samples of behavioral assessments addressed—demographic, cognitive and emotional information.Calendar comes complete with hole for wall-hanging and packaged in a cardboard box. Korea By purchasing an NK News Calendar you'll be supporting continued independent news coverage on North Korea.Every cent of profit goes toward more reporting, refugee columns and in-depth investigation on the DPRK.Each page is filled with beautiful photos taken throughout the country in recent years, and marked with North Korea's national holidays to help you keep track of big political events.At 9.5 x 17.25 inch, this year's calendar is the perfect size for your wall. paper, the calendar's robust finish makes it both high quality and durable. You are using a browser version with limited support for CSS.

The aim of our work will be to produce a critical edition of Ms.

100% propaganda free We know you don't want portraits of North Korean leaders on your wall, so rest assured in knowing that the North Korea Wall calendar is 100% propaganda free.

And know that not a single cent from your purchase goes towards the North Korean government.

Kaufmann A50, the single most important (almost) complete European manuscript of the Mishna, and it is our hope that this edition will benefit both researchers in Rabbinic language and culture, as well as those members of the wider public who have an interest in classical Jewish texts. ’ This is a much better question to ask than ‘How many religions are there in China?

’ In examining the ways in which Chinese people have been engaged in religious activities historically as well as today Dr Adam Chau has identified five ‘modalities of doing religion’: discursive/scriptural; personal-cultivational; liturgical; immediate-practical; and relational.

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Read more Over the course of the academic years 2016-2019, the Hebrew philology group at FAMES will host a research project sponsored by the AHRC.