Introvert dating another introvert

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Also, when you engage in online dating, it is easier to take a break and recharge your batteries.

Another great thing is that you can get to know a person and don’t have to rush into actual face to face dating.

This marked day two of her not showing up, and now Dipper was really beginning to worry about her. He wasn't entirely sure Wendy was still angry at him, but he guessed that she was."I-It's so great to see you finally! A-and then he'd have to actually pay them decently." Dipper stuttered with a nervous smile, trying to bridge the gap of awkwardness and tension between them and hoping to cure the sickly feeling rising up in his stomach.

Though he could tell she had been attempting to hide it, there was no denying the fact that Wendy was actually hurt.As Dipper realized this, he felt another wave of guilt crash over him. He realized that he was happy when Wendy and Robbie broke up, but the only reason for that was because he had only been thinking of himself.He hadn't considered Wendy's feelings, and he certainly hadn't even thought of Robbie's.She wasn't sure if it came from their 'twin telepathy' or if Dipper was just a bad liar; but either way, she knew that something was up. "Maybe she's mad- and I'm sure she has a good reason to be- but…I don't think she'll be as mad if you apologize to her. Dipper felt his face go red."Thanks for being such a cool friend, Dipper." She whispered.Dipper would have nearly died of happiness right then if it wasn't for one, little detail.

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When the time for a real date comes, there is no need for awkward small talk, and everything becomes much easier.

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