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Frank lets Romero know that he knows all about Rochelle, the girl he gang-raped in college, so Romero disbands the committee. “When all is said and done, you do realize that Francis Underwood will still be sleeping in the White House tonight? But she turns out to be incorrect, because Francis Underwood will be decamping to a hotel for the foreseeable future.It’s all okay, he explains on TV, because we’re getting a woman president now! Le Ann stops by Doug’s office, which is now her office, and announces she, too, can’t have anything to do with him anymore and also that he needs to GTFO before Claire gets sworn in.Frank just shifts the title of “Most Powerful Position” to wherever he happens to be standing.He reaches new levels of condescension when he tells Claire, “Don’t you see, I’ve designed this. I’ve made you the president.” Wow, way to take total credit for all of Claire’s achievements, buddy!Much of this episode revolves around Frank and Claire systematically distancing themselves from everyone who has ever done anything for them, and watching each of these discarded individuals realize they were fools to ever think they were the exceptional ones, the ones the Underwoods would care about enough to keep.Claire wears this bright, light blue dress, like Alice in Wonderland (a really unusual, out of character choice) to tell Seth that he needs to “go away for a little while,” using the same tone of voice your dad used to tell you that your family dog was going to “live on a farm upstate where there are lots of other dogs to play with.” Then Doug hands in his letter of resignation to Frank, who tells him, “You know we can’t see each other for some time now.” Doug looks positively shattered, much like the glass ceiling in this alternate America that is about to get its first female president.And as long as we’re taking people out: Good-bye forever, Le Ann Harvey!

But Claire is still in charge, even if she’s outraged that Frank announced his resignation without even consulting her, thereby setting her back on her heels and leaving her nonexistent transition team scrambling. Also: Claire is a literal murderer now, the kind of person who killed a man while she was having sex with him, like some kind of psycho, and then left his naked body behind for some male lackey to clean up.Frank’s long, bloviating lecture to Claire about how realpower actually isn’t in the White House just doesn’t add up.All Frank wanted to be was president, but now that he can’t be president anymore, he has conveniently changed his mind about the importance of the presidency.It’s clear that Tom doesn’t believe Doug’s admission about Zoe Barnes — we confirm as much when he later visits Doug at home — but also that he doesn’t have enough pieces to put together a logical alternate narrative.I want to scream at the screen, “MAYBE LOOK INTO THE TIMELINE RE: PETER RUSSO AS LONG AS YOU’RE DIGGING UP THIS DIRT.” But I whisper-growl it instead, in Doug’s honor.

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Also, fun fact: “If he’s not treated properly, your husband’s liver could fail him at any time. Meanwhile, they finally found the ICO big bad they’ve been searching for this whole time. Through convoluted military action involving China, Russia, Syria, gas attacks on civilians, and ICO, Claire now has justification to start the war Frank was gunning for this whole time.

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  1. "De man, Tom, en ik kregen digitaal contact en ik werd verliefd - hoe gek het ook klinkt."Van Dalen zou afspreken met de man, maar hij moest plots naar een booreiland voor zijn werk. Op een gegeven moment vroeg hij haar om geld over te maken. Zo ging het door, tot Van Dalen erachter kwam dat Tom niet bestond."Ik liep flinke financiële schade op", zegt Van Dalen. Maar de rest van het geld is weg en de dader is nog niet gepakt.