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It appears that a lady who is naked at our events multiplies her chances of finding love by 20 to 50 times by being nude as when she is naked any woman is at her most powerful and overpowering to men who lose all control and sensibility when confronted with her power.Also it is a wonderful way to experience true liberation and power that social nakedness brings and each lady meets other ladies with whom to be socially naked with later on if they like.Your initial remuneration for the achievement of targets is set at 0 per event and four events are planned per month meaning a part-time income package by way of set-off or credit or accruing entitlement is ,000 per month if you are active in setting up and running 4 evening or lunch events per month.The ,000 per month negotiable entitlement package attracts interest of 10% compounding interest per quarter making this a uniquely rewarding position.

The previous lady dropped out before we had a chance to discuss remuneration thus making this position available.It's easy to understand that a lady can have about 10 to 20 times more chance at finding love if she is naked at a nude social event as clothes diminish chances of finding love and when a lady is naked at a naked event she has an about 100% chance of finding love and can see if a man or men like her.I am very interested to see if this trend keeps occurring as girl and guy social nudists continue to discover one another.December we are having a pre New Years Eve nudist dinner party at which we hope everyone will have the courage to be nude.One of our members has offered his nice place in Oatley for the evening and being the Saturday before New Year's Eve we should get a good number and you are invited to bring friends who might like to attend.

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