Outlook in cached mode not updating

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Outlook in cached mode not updating

If disk space is an issue on your device, consider using OWA which has a subset of features, but also works best in an online situation.Of course, you can use either because they work well together.Use the following options that best fit your needs: Note: Here is some guidance on when to use Outlook or OWA.If disk space is not an issue on your device, Outlook has a full set of features and might work best for you.

Furthermore, if the Access Services feature is activated, then you can work with considerably more data than the List View Threshold, up to 50,000 items by default.One Drive for Business is designed from the ground up to work with your files online and offline.Once you set it up, synchronization of changes occurs automatically and reliably wherever and whenever you make them.Under the best of conditions, you may not notice this latency, but for downloading large files, streaming videos, and playing games, you probably will.Another issue is “rain fade” in which heavy weather, such as thunderstorms and blizzards, can temporarily interrupt satellite transmission.

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For more information, see Sync One Drive for Business or Share Point site libraries to your computer.

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