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Trabanti online dating

Please note that only three adults at a time should ride in a Trabant as they are tiny.

A fleet of colorful Trabants is available for large groups to go on this Berlin Wall tour.

A trip to Germany isn't complete without visiting the Berlin Wall, and this tour provides a unique opportunity to see the former location of the border separating East and West Germany in an authentic restored Berlin Trabant.

So take an unforgettable Berlin Wall tour from behind the wheel of an artifact of former East Germany during a Berlin Trabant tour.

There is no icon of former East Germany so beloved in modern times as the Trabant.

The steel unibody and tough plastic shell were ahead of their time, but today the Trabant is no longer manufactured and is a favorite of car collectors and custom car enthusiasts the world over.

Nowadays they are enjoying a revival within the car tuning and collector’s communities for their unique design and historical significance.Those with fond memories of East Germany are being offered a new product designed to give them a whiff of the defunct communist state.They can buy online canned exhaust fumes from the cult Trabant car.Fondly called “Ostalgie” by the locals, these two-cylinder vehicles are perfect for the cobblestone streets of the city.Trabant Berlin cars can take you anywhere you need to go.

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The Trabant Tour Berlin can provide many Trabis, and in an immense variety of colors and designs.