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With the increased availability of such devices on the consumer market and the wider array of communication platforms they support (e.g.

email, web browsing) demand for forensic examination grew.

Evidence that can be potentially recovered from a mobile phone may come from several different sources, including handset memory, SIM card, and attached memory cards such as SD cards.Consequently, whilst it is possible to determine roughly the cell site zone from which a call was made or received, it is not yet possible to say with any degree of certainty, that a mobile phone call emanated from a specific location e.g. As a result of these challenges, a wide variety of tools exist to extract evidence from mobile devices; no one tool or method can acquire all the evidence from all devices.It is therefore recommended that forensic examiners, especially those wishing to qualify as expert witnesses in court, undergo extensive training in order to understand how each tool and method acquires evidence; how it maintains standards for forensic soundness; and how it meets legal requirements such as the Daubert standard or Frye standard.There is growing need for mobile forensics due to several reasons and some of the prominent reasons are: Evidential and technical challenges exist.for example, cell site analysis following from the use of a mobile phone usage coverage, is not an exact science.

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